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In the beginning, this project was started as a hobby. But before long, many talented personnel gathered and became shareholders and directors in this project, because they saw the opportunity in this unique submarine project. Over the past 10 years, we have used unlimited funds and resources for our dream, to complete the new style submarine, and therefore made progress possible and also to concentrate on R&D without thinking of income, because of the wealthy owners called Ultra-High Net Worth Individuals. We succeeded in the development of a unique concept of submarine which never existed before. As the project developed, we had many inquiries and offers from around the world, regarding our submarine business. Gradually, we began to structure the business in order to sell our know-how and product around the world.

- Company History -
May 1993 Established Venture Australia Pty Ltd of Australian Corporate Body. Commenced exporting business of Australian beef and seafood.
July 1994 Established original automobile R&D department and limousine manufacturing department within Venture Australia Pty Ltd.
July 1996 Established marine vehicle R&D department. commenced research and development of next-generation submarines.
April 1997 Established Amuza Motors Pty Ltd of Australian Corporate Body; Amuza operates separate from car manufacturing department of Venture Australia as a special company to manufacture original sports car and limousines.
July 2002 Established Amuza Japan Co Ltd in Japan as a specialized manufacturing company of original sports cars and limousines. Amuza Japan became an official distributor in Japan to import and sell limousines from Amuza Motors Pty Ltd of Australian Corporate Body. At the same time Amuza Japan started joint research and development into leading-edge submarine technology for further research and development with the Department of Marine System Engineering at the prestigious Kyushu University (former Kyushu Imperial University).
June 2005 Established Japan Advanced Technology Co Ltd, a subsidiary of Amuza Japan Co Ltd, in Okinawa, Japan. Amuza Japan transferred its entire automobile manufacturing department to the subsidiary and set the company as a specialized manufacturing company of limousines and sports cars. Amuza Japan's joint venture with Venture Australia Pty Ltd as a mother company officially started R&D of submarines to focus on marine technology development business. We separated the accounting procedure from the subsidiary company to protect confidential business information. The mother company, Amuza Japan Co Ltd and the subsidiary were set on a stand-alone basis each other.
August 2006 The subsidiary company, Japan Advanced Technology Co Ltd, merged with another company, Amuza Chauffeur Escort, with and increased capitals. Therefore Amuza Japan Co Ltd became one of shareholders and finished its position as a mother company. In order to carry out R&D and manufacturing of submarines with a leading-edge technology Amuza Japan ceased all the other related businesses such as designs and plans of vehicles, manufacturing and sales of limousines and so on. Amuza Japan became a "research and development-type company" that does not seek sales certified by Japanese Government.
Amuza Japan increased the numbers of submarine and vessel specialists, associated FRP/metal processing engineering companies, and entered into sole business contracts with development engineers for marine robots/marine test equipment. Now Amuza Japan is not only able to manufacture submarines but also carry out general procedures such as: design and manufacturing of general vessels and special marine vehicles, underwater robots and programming of control devices, and analysis of test data.

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