Manufacturing Process

As the submarine will be operated under severe environments, we decided these factors governed the type of submarine we would create. We carefully examined all the concepts, specs and calculations, produced clay models, and scientifically analyzed every factor of the new product with our project team.

Safety Control & Philosophy on Amuza Submersible

Causes of accidents on submersible will be focused on the following three factors. The first factor is a design error, the second is a manufacturing error and the third is a miss-use.

We will describe safety measures and solutions by considering the three accident factors.

1.Factors on design

2.Factors on manufacturing process

3.Factors in use



Lectures for Navigation of Amuza Submersible & License Obtaining
You will be required to have lectures and obtain licenses according to our curriculum in order to navigate Amuza Submersibles. You will have to comply with regulations and standards set by every country to obtain the license to navigate the submersible. For under navigation in our submersible you will be required to hold our exclusive license. Because of this reason every buyer who purchases our submersible will have to undergo our in-house training and lectures so as to obtain all appropriate navigation licenses for submersibles issued by Amuza.

Our current submersible "Hydna" model is designed to accommodate two passengers with side-by-side seating. One of the passengers must hold a current valid Amuza's 3rd grade license and should have basic scuba diving skills. The minimum age of operating the submersible is of 16 years of age. To be able to operate the submersible the operator must have current Amuza license. They must also have basic scuba diving knowledge so they can assist any age passenger in the fitment usage of the scuba diving apparatus and equipment to be used in the event of an emergency. The youngest passenger cannot be less than 6 years old.

We have the following three levels of operating licenses:
Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced levels according to each difficulty of driving license. You will be required to obtain licenses for each model as the licenses apply to each model.

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