Private Submarine...It's the ultimate status.

Prime Hydna

For leisure uses
2 seater small submarine like an underwater sportscar. Developed for the wealthy in the world as a first-class leisure product. Designed to be loaded onto over 120ft cruiser. Suitable for investigation of living creatures at seabed, search & life saving activities, research of submarine archaeology, a stroll in the water.

Hyper Hydna

For rescue, security and defense uses
6 to 14 seater super high-speed diving tandem submarine. Suitable for marine rescue and support, maintenance of security at ports and coast, coast-guard ship for antiterrorism measures.

Hydna Commander

Support Vessel
Developed to support 2 seater small submarine as a support vessel. A special ship built-in a submarine storage room with lifting and lowering device including a submarine tracking sonar, high-performance underwater communication devices, rescue equipment sets, various communication devices and other necessary devices are fully equipped. A high-speed ship to track and support submarines.

Layout /2/3/4

Hydna Mother

A 150ft large support vessel. Super luxurious cruiser built-in a submarine storage room in a hull. Fully equipped with every support system for submarines' safe cruising. Not developed for the general public but the wealthy class.


Amuza Submarines are based on a totally different concept from traditional submarines.

Firstly, there is the shape. The submarine has no streamline body like the current submarines. It is oval-shaped, small and light. The sharp and curvy body shape shows us the difference to those traditional submarines with their 'masculine iron chunky image'. From a 'styling' and physical perspective, our submarine seems to be more stylish, sensible and futuristic in appearance.

Traditional submarine with streamline body.

Secondly, the outer body is not made of steel but FRP. The cockpit or control centre inner structure is made of steel and the canopy is made of acrylic. The structure allows water to freely circulate through the area between outer body and inner body. It enhances durability against high water pressure and possesses exceptional smooth motion performance. Finally, fresh and functional designs including outer body, cockpit, acrylic window and control panel are clearly advanced to those of traditional submarines. Unprecedented innovative techniques are widely used to improve performance. Unquestionably a pioneer, our new futuristic private submarine will lead, not only the marine leisure field but also every new field relative to the underwater transport industry.


We completed a small submersible vehicle for private leisure type designed to be fast and versatile. Our submarine can dive and submerge in amazing speed, executing somersault, pitching & rolling and cruising upside-down in the water. Other than leisure uses, we can manufacture various submarines depending on your own purposes such as monitoring, security, rescue and so on.

Testimonial from the pilot: This submarine can manage rapid diving and submerging, and steep submerging as well. The submarine can make acrobatic movements that traditional submarines have never achieved. As this submarine can dive at a rapid speed it keeps approximately between 30 and 40 degrees angle to avoid rough conditions like rocks. We will also adjust the speed at 12m per 8 seconds in this situation. This vehicle can submerge at more than 60 degrees angle but it usually keeps from 20 to 30 degrees angle and surfaces at 10m per 8 second in consideration of safety. You can make a rapid turn on your own. We will recommend to you the exciting "Dolphin Dive" that one can perform just between surface and underwater that is very similar to dolphin's swimming. It dives into the water immidiately after it shows its face on the surface, and it submerges again. It repeates the same again and again. This is what we call the "Dolphin Dive". The dolphin dive has two different spans for its swimming, short and long. The long span shows up approximately 5 seconds and short one shows up approximately 2 seconds after diving into the water. You can feel almost no rolling in "Hydna". It shows only 10cm updown movements under less than 3 knots slow cruising and 1m updown movements between 5 and 10 knots rapid cruising. This action proves "Hydna" has very high performance.
*"Hydna" is the name of the submarine.

Testimonial from R&D Team: People often ask us, "Is it more difficult to make a big submarine than small ones?" Actually, the answer is "NO". The bigger submarines become, the easier it is to design them. Their balance performance is also enhanced. The reason is that big submarines have enough capacity to store and load numerous amounts of equipment and devices. Therefore our less-than-5m-long "Hydna" has few choices. This small submarine needs to load a large quantity of equipment in a small area which makes it more difficult to develop. That is why we succeeded in the challenge to create this egg-shaped small submarine.

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