July 2002
Amuza Japan Co., Ltd. (Head office: Tokyo) was established with the aim of promoting joint research and development with universities and major domestic manufacturers in the development of next-generation small-sized submersibles, originated from Amuza Motors Pty., Ltd., which was founded in 1997 in Australia.

June 2005
Japan Advanced Technology Co., Ltd. (JAT) was established as a subsidiary specialized in limousine production in Okinawa. As the internal business structure we systemized as the following two systems-
1) Parent company Amuza Japan; R&D system by scientists and engineers ··· For Advanced Ocean Technology Business
2) Subsidiary JAT: Manufacturing system based on skilled workers ··· Limousine production business

March 2006
Amuza Chauffeur Escort Co., Ltd. established as a limousine hire and sales affiliate in Tokyo.

August 2006
The company's name was changed from JAT to Amuza Co., Ltd., with the transfer of full rights to Japan Advanced Technology Co., Ltd. to a third party, and the above two companies merged to become a limousine manufacturing and sales specializing company. As a result, a subsidiary, Amuza Co., Ltd., becomes an affiliate of Amuza Japan Co., Ltd. Amuza Japan Co., Ltd. has since specialized in the research, development and manufacture of submersibles.

* Under management by new executives JAT changed its company name from Amuza Co., Ltd., to Advanced Car Engineering Co., Ltd. one after another, despite the fact that a large number of limousine-hearses were manufactured and sold every year with a reputation of their high level technology, but they withdrew their business in 2011 without any notice.

July 2008
Amuza Japan Co., Ltd., following the limousine plant, established a dedicated plant for the production of submersibles at a site adjacent to the limousine plant in the Special Free Trade Zone.

December 2008
Affiliated company Amuza Co., Ltd. increased its capital and changed its name back to Advanced Car Engineering Co., Ltd. At the same time, the company was removed from the affiliate company of Amuza Japan. As a result, Amuza Japan Co., Ltd. became a major shareholder holding a large number of shares.

May 2009
Leaving the Special Free Trade Zone in Uruma City and moving the submersible factory to the shipbuilding area of Itoman City, we are carrying out research and development of various submersibles for not only for entertainment but also for industrial and rescue. It is an international level think tank shipbuilding industry that includes elements as advanced research institutes.

Corporate Info

Main Office Chofu City Tokyo JAPAN
Management Department
Management Department In the industrial district of Itoman-city, Okinawa-prefecture (In shipping manufacturing area)
Established Date 24 July 2002
Purposes R&D, manufacturing and sales of submarines and ships
Managing Director Kiyotaka Miyagawa CEO/Founder