Manned submersibles

Amuza Japan specializes in the development and production of small submersibles, such as P-1 (two-seater), S-1 (three-seater), Aquatrain, etc., and is conducting research and development of various submersibles.

In 2017, P-1 submersible transferred manufacturing and sales rights to Taiyo Sangyo Trading & Marine Service Ltd, and are currently mass-produced and sold at the Hiratsuka Plant.

P-1 Submersible (two-seater)

Leisure, tourism, underwater exploration, ocean survey

A two-seater small submersible with a sports car driving feeling. Developed with targeting the wealthy people of the world as a top-class leisure. P-1 with a compact design can be mounted on cruisers over 120 feet. It is used for applications such as exploration of marine life, search and rescue activities, archaeological research on the ocean floor and underwater stroll.

S-1 Submersible (3 seater)

Leisure, tourism, underwater exploration, ocean survey

Leisure, tourism, underwater exploration, ocean survey
Started development in 2017 at the request of the famous Carrozzeria and the shipyard of super luxury mega-yacht in Italy. Since 2018, we have started development of another model as the world's first and only submersible with the special function, and we have launched a mass production project jointly with a Tokyo Stock Exchange listed company. A high-performance submersible that can be used not only for leisure but also for commercial purposes, to compensate for the weaknesses and drawbacks of the existing two-seater P-1 submersible.

P-3 compact 26 (26-seater)

Leisure, sightseeing, underwater entertainment

Traditional steel submersible. The waterline is always located below the human face and has a structure that allows you to enjoy the thrill of entering the water. The seats are also two rows facing forward and different from the conventional sideways. A new type of tourist boat that compensates for the shortcomings of existing tourist submersibles.

Aquatrain Basic Unit All Acrylic (5 seater) on sale

Leisure, tourism, maintenance and inspection of pipelines, various underwater operations, observation and collection of aquatic organisms, sea bottom bases such as diving

The world's first see-through submersible with a new sense of design will be manufactured by the design of Bertone in Italy.

A new type of submersible that is made of total acrylic to ensure 360 degrees visibility. Complete assembly method by screwing three major large parts. The world's first concept submersible is a world-first concept that can be easily assembled anywhere and anytime, without the need for skilled workers or experts because there is no need for welding for production.

Unmanned underwater vehicles

ROV unmanned submersible (on sale)

It is used for collecting various types of information in the ocean, defense activities, underwater operations in dangerous waters, survey and collection of corals, and collecting aquatic life samples. Currently, it can be manufactured to 1000m or more deep sea depending on the application.

AUV (under development)

Unlike conventional low-performance fish-type AUVs, our AUVs have smooth exercise performance according to the mission, and think for themselves and determine the situation. A complete fish robot unparalleled in the world, developed by Mr. Takakawa, a former professor of Tokyo University. The initial water tank experiment has already been completed.

Submersibles rental for business use

We rent submersibles for various purposes. Please contact us for details.

  • Advertising tools
  • TV program tools (eg. searching for unidentified organisms)
  • Textbook on enlightenment activities of marine technology
  • Stage settings in the movie
  • Symbol of marine resource protection activity
  • For undersea fishing, maintenance work of underwater civil engineering and underwater structures