Amuza Submarines are based on a totally different concept from traditional submarines.

Firstly, there is the shape. The submarine has no streamline body like the current submarines. It is oval-shaped, small and light. The sharp and curvy body shape shows us the difference to those traditional submarines with their 'masculine iron chunky image'. From a 'styling' and physical perspective, our submarine seems to be more stylish, sensible and futuristic in appearance.

Secondly, the outer body is not made of steel but FRP. The cockpit or control centre inner structure is made of steel and the canopy is made of acrylic. The structure allows water to freely circulate through the area between outer body and inner body. It enhances durability against high water pressure and possesses exceptional smooth motion performance. Finally, fresh and functional designs including outer body, cockpit, acrylic window and control panel are clearly advanced to those of traditional submarines. Unprecedented innovative techniques are widely used to improve performance. Unquestionably a pioneer, our new futuristic private submarine will lead, not only the marine leisure field but also every new field relative to the underwater transport industry.