TEST TEAM : White Sharks

"White Sharks" is the name of Amuza Japan's submarine test and demonstration team (separate from the project team). This 12-person team consists of directors, scholars, engineers and people skilled in shipbuilding. Aside from submarine R&D, the team conducts test dives and presentation tours around the world.

They are professionally trained in emergency operation and rescue diving. The name "White Sharks"originated from a diver who encountered the submarine emerging from behind a large rock and mistook it for a white shark.


Two pilots will get on the main performance submersible. The seat on the left side facing the bow is the captain. Normally, the captain wears the headphones of the ultrasonic communication device of the lifeline. On the left side of this seat, the control valves of all ballast tanks, which are essential for navigation of the submersible boat, are lined up side by side, and it takes some skill to operate this while watching the control screen of the computer. Therefore the captain will take the left seat. In addition, it is the captain who manipulates the control stick.

Then, speaking of what kind of thing the pilot on the right seat does, it is the seat for the co-pilot who is the engineer familiar with computer and electricity usually sit. The co-pilot continuously provides information to the captain while constantly looking at the personal computer screen and instruments, and the information is reported to the support vessel through ultrasound and transceiver. The co-pilot does not normally hold the control stick, but sometimes maneuvers on behalf of the captain. Performance can last for weeks. Every time after diving, the submersible mechanic will conduct an overall inspection and maintenance mainly on the main parts. Even in a harsh environment, thorough aftercare can be an integral part of safety, as we also perform demonstrations that exceed the performance limit at the customer's request.