We are the only company in Japan, Asia and Oceania to develop and manufacture recreational manned submersibles with a group of top experts.

Since 2002, we have been working on research and development and manufacturing of various manned submersibles in a wide range of underwater technology categories, with our experts as executives, advisors, and shareholders. Our business has passed rigorous examinations of each public institution to date since our establishment and has received numerous certifications and grants due to honorable awards and possessed technologies (see News for details).

In recent years, our technological capabilities and product concept have been recognized worldwide, and we have literally increased international recognition and started joint projects with several large companies from a global perspective.

P-1 Submersible World Sale

A two-seater submersible "P-1" that Amuza Japan has started selling to the world from the Middle East market exclusively. Exclusively selling from TST (Taiyo Sangyo Trading & Marine Service Ltd.), which we transferred the production and marketing rights in 2017. Please see details here.