About Us


Our company was established on July 14, 2002 as the first submersible manufacturer in Asia. We have a large number of experts from the three fields of deep-sea exploration, entertainment, and underwater work. In addition to manned submersibles and unmanned submersibles, we are a group of experts who conduct research, development, and manufacturing of special underwater parts and equipment.

In terms of design, we go beyond mere mechanical design and shipbuilding design; we also look at pressure-resistant “structural design” based on deep experience. In addition, three-dimensional motion control is brought into the engineering so that submersibles can have “up and down” and “running, turning and stopping” capabilities similar to that of automobiles.

Currently, we have completed and sold 4 models of submersibles, 2 of which are recreational boats and the other two are deep-sea exploration boats. Each submarine is created to be a high performance vehicle, and the first of its kind.

Although the market for private submersibles is growing, R&D in space exploration is progressing at a faster pace because it has captured the world’s attention. However, there is a large unknown world in the oceans of the earth where we live. And that world is largely unexplored. We want to change this. The development of a submarine is equivalent to that of a spacecraft in terms of harnessing enclosed spaces that need to leverage attitude control technology. Between the ocean and space, two seemingly contradictory phenomena actually share many commonalities.

We would like young people to be interested in the ocean. The underwater world is as dreamy as the universe. We believe that it is our great mission and responsibility to open up this infinite unknown and form a new field called the “submersibles market”, while passing on the results and our technology and know-how to future generations.


Amuza's submersibles are oval, agile and lightweight.  This is a firm departure from the "iron lump" that has defined submersible design for decades. The ergonomic design and innovative material usage allows Amuza submersibles to glide smoothly even in the face of high water pressure.  Durable and nimble, some Amuza models could even conduct underwater somersaults and acrobatics with ease and safety.



Headquarters 2-13-1 Chofugaoka, Chofu-shi, Tokyo, Japan
Factory 5-10-7 Nishizaki-cho, Itoman-shi, Okinawa, Japan
Formation Date July 24, 2002
Capital 325.35 million yen
Business Description R&D, manufacturing, and sale of submersibles
Chairman Kiyotaka Miyagawa


  • July 2002
    • Established Amuza Japan Co., Ltd. as a development and manufacturing company for next-generation small submersibles.
  • March 2005
    • Received certification from the Tokyo Metropolitan Government under the Act on Promotion of Creative Activities of Small and Medium Enterprises, in recognition of innovative technology for submersibles.
  • October 2007
    • Conducted the first manned submersible diving test in the large test tank of the Research Institute for Applied Mechanics, Kyushu University. Following its success, the first sea trial was conducted in Hirado City, Nagasaki Prefecture.
  • July 2008
    • Established a factory dedicated to submersibles in Uruma City, Okinawa Prefecture.
  • October 2008
    • Received certification as a research and development company from the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. Amuza is now a research institute affiliated with ministries.
  • May 2009
    • Relocated the submarine factory to the shipbuilding district of Itoman City, and started developing and manufacturing manned and unmanned submersibles.
  • February 2010
    • Invited to the UAE Fujairah Air Base to conduct a performance test of the P1 submersible model.
  • December 2012
    • Signed a contract for a joint venture for the sale and purchase of submersibles in Saudi Arabia.
  • April 2014
    • Amuza served as Guest Speaker at the 53rd Undersea Submarine Engineering Forum, which was held at the Institute of Industrial Science, University of Tokyo, and Miyagawa.
  • October 2016
    • Received an order for an ROV (unmanned underwater vehicle) for deep-sea coral marine resource extraction.
  • October 1, 2018
    • We signed a joint business contract for S1 model submersible development with a global company listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
  • October 2020
    • Designed the world's first fully automatic altitude control device. It will be installed on all submarines to be manufactured.
  • January 2021
    • We received an order for a three-seater deep sea boat (“C1-500 Compact” model type).
  • April 2021
    • We received an order for a 6-person deep sea boat (“C1-500 Multi” model type).
    • In the same month, we made a third-party allotment of shares totaling 450 million yen to a listed company in Hong Kong, and started full-scale development of various submarines.
  • July 2021
    • Signed a contract with the international classification society ABS. Moving forward, ABS will be the standard of our international ship classification.
  • September 2021
    • Established a US subsidiary to expand into the US market.
  • October 2022
    • QIGA, an economic group in Doha, Qatar, received a request to join as the first company in Japan.